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I'm a dad, working 9 to 5, chasing my childhood dream of Standup Comedy.

I began my comedic journey in June of 2021.  Since that time, I've performed at several comedy clubs in Phoenix, Arizona.  Including JP's Comedy Club, House of Comedy AZ, Stir Crazy Comedy Club and several Pub shows around the valley. 

My topics range from growing up in the 90's, raising my mini me of a son (God help me) Smart Technology making dumber people and much more.  I consider myself a PG-13 comic, but to add a "Fun Fact" I'm a New Yorker....So "FUCK's" sometimes fly. 

"Johnny Jello didn't pay me for this review...Come to think of it...He didn't pay his bar tab either." 

AZ Bar Owner

"Johnny WHO?!? Where the hell did you get my E-mail address?!?

Local Patron

"JOHNNY Jello...Fantastic guy, really...I know a thing about fantastic people, because I am one.  He's BIGLY funny and gives me YUGE laughs. He's not from Chy-Na and that's pretty Tremendous..."


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